A New World of Music

The Startup

Our strategy has been to start up this project with many important people in the field. If you would like to be recognized as a member of the startup group, this is the time to make a contribution. We recognize those who contribute as Participants at $100+, Partners at $500+, or Leaders at $1000+. We will recognize with gratitude those who make special contributions as Sponsors.
We are now approaching the end of this startup stage as we begin to look for longterm funding and, consequently, since we are not sure that we’ll continue to have an ongoing call for individuals into the future, we have not installed a credit card payment process. If you would like to contribute with a credit card, click on the ‘Go here’ (see below) button to visit a payment page at New Music World, a partner organization, and mention EMF Institute in the comments slot.

Go here!

Or if you prefer, contribute directly via PayPal …

As soon as you make a contribution you will become a member in the startup group and a stakeholder in the project. We will keep you informed, listen to your advice, and work with you in placing your work in the site. If you have any comments or questions of any kind, please contact me at institute@emf.org. — Joel Chadabe

The Startup Group

Archival Committee
Kent Underwood (New York)
Tom Beyer (New York)
Joel Chadabe (New York)
John Chowning (San Francisco)
Adrian Freed (San Francisco)
Cecilia Lopez (New York)
Tae Hong Park (New York)
Mary Simoni (Troy, New York)

Special thanks
Nancy Loeffler (California)

$1000 +
Georgio Bertoli (Italy)
Joel Chadabe (New York)

$500 +
Sharon Kanach (Paris)
Laurie Spiegel (New York)

$100 +
Nate Aldrich (Orono, US)
Marc Battier (Paris)
François Bayle (Paris)
Walter Branchi (Rome)
Peer Bode (Hornell, New York State)
Warren Burt (Melbourne)
Matthew Burtner (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Tom Beyer (New York)
Peter Beyls (Ghent, Belgium)
Georges Bloch (Paris)
Bill Buxton (Toronto)
Alessandro Cipriani (Rome)
Ricardo Dal Farra (Montreal, Buenos Aires)
Scott Deal (Illinois)
Herbert A. Deutsch (New York)
David Dunn (Santa Cruz, California)
Phil Edelstein (New York)
Jean-Charles François (Paris)
Thomas Gerwin (Berlin)
Bob Gluck (New York)
Carlos Guedes (Abu Dhabi)
Hubert Howe (New York)
Mari Kimura (New York)
Judy Klein (New York)
Bernie Krause (California)
Francisco Kropfl (Buenos Aires)
Paul Lansky (Princeton)
Alcides Lanza (Montreal)
Bruno Liberda (Vienna)
Annea Lockwood (New York)
Zahir Manek (Toronto)
Stephen McAdams (Montreal)
Scott Miller (Minneapolis, US)
Michelle Moog-Koussa (Asheville, US)
Bruce Pennycook (Austin, Texas)
Tom Rhea (Boston)
Curtis Roads (Santa Barbara, California)
David Rosenboom (Los Angeles)
Robert Rowe (New York)
Carla Scaletti (Urbana, US)
Mary Simoni (Troy, US)
Laetitia Sonami (San Francisco)
Bruno Spoerri (Zurich)
Hugues Vinet (Paris)
Alvise Vidolin (Padua, Italy)
Vedran Vucic (Belgrade)
Marcelo Wanderley (Montreal)
Gayle Young (Buffalo, New York State)